About Us

At Ramelli Building & Remodeling, LLC we have handled commercial and residential projects on all scales. Our people know what your project needs, no matter what size it is. Our policy of exclusively hiring forward-thinking innovators and managers means that we always create functional solutions to meet your needs at suprisingly reasonable costs.


We achieve great results by keeping things simple.


Over the last decade Ramelli Building & Remodeling, LLC have been re hired by our customers to improve all areas of their homes and businesses.


We believe this is the greatest form of flattery there is.  Instead of being a "One and Done" type of contractor - essentially operating under a "numbers game" business format - Ramelli Building & Remodeling, LLC strives to earn your business for life.


As an example - one homeowner has hired us to build a deck one year, re roof their house the next year, install a Harvey patio door last year, and this year install new Harvey windows and a new ThermaTru front door.  They plan to hire us next year to strip and re side their home.


Another homeowner has hired us to remodel their kitchen and then when the ice dams hit their home - hired us to repair all the damage (ceilings, floors, paint, replace the front door and patio door) and also hired us to remodel two bathrooms.


Another homeowner has hired us to remodel her bathroom, build a new deck, demo and re tile the foyer, replace the staircase to the second floor, install granite counters and tile the backsplash in successive years.


Call us @ 203 741 0005 or fill out a Customer Inquiry form to set up a appointment to go over your next project!